Saturday, 21 December 2013

Shout out for help

So, im thinking of buying the Samsung Chromebook Wifi. People who have used or owned this laptop, please comment below your reviews! It would be off great help, Thanks guys speak soon!

Friday, 20 December 2013

My Bucket List

Right not many people have there bucket list written down, more of a mental note of "ohhh... i should do that one day".. Trust me i have had plenty of them, Since I'm 16 i figure i have plenty of time to do my list, So here goes my first 10 on my bucket list:

1) Travel (Yes i know this is on everyone's, but its a must unless your Karl pilkington)
2) Climb Mount Everest (Nothings impossible)
3) Meet Bear Grylls ( I can hear the sighs and see the eyes rolling now)
4) Serve in the British Army (Fingers crossed)
5) Be in a movie ( Had this dream since i was little)
6) Write a book ( Doesn't have to get published, just read by someone... anyone?)
7) Go to America (Preferably Texas or Boston)
8) Win a game of poker in Las Vegas (Yeah i can play... just not that well)
9) Get over my fear of heights
10) Draw a comic book (Seems like something fun to do)

So there you have it my first 10 of my bucket list, leave you thoughts and opinions below.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Hunger games

Right i have done it, I have followed yet another crowd... The Hunger Games Fans. For those of you who join me will understand and those who don't... Well thats your choice. I have read all three books (Late i have to add, as i received them as a gift 3 days ago) and instantly fell in love with Suzanna Collins books. I just couldn't get enough. Two things i would like to say: 1) Read the books it changes your outlook on the film. 2) Read the books.

All about me!

Hi everyone! i thought ild start with telling you guys a little about me. I am 16 years old born in bedford, London, I have lived all over the place even in France, But currently i live in college accommodation which is in Cornwall, England. My parents split up when i was young, so i spent most of my life living with my mum however recently i have moved in with my dad, i have two brothers and three sisters. My interests include photography, drawing and just about anything creative, however i have found a new interest in fitness training. Thats enough for now, Please follow my blog and hope to be with you guys soon!