Friday, 20 December 2013

My Bucket List

Right not many people have there bucket list written down, more of a mental note of "ohhh... i should do that one day".. Trust me i have had plenty of them, Since I'm 16 i figure i have plenty of time to do my list, So here goes my first 10 on my bucket list:

1) Travel (Yes i know this is on everyone's, but its a must unless your Karl pilkington)
2) Climb Mount Everest (Nothings impossible)
3) Meet Bear Grylls ( I can hear the sighs and see the eyes rolling now)
4) Serve in the British Army (Fingers crossed)
5) Be in a movie ( Had this dream since i was little)
6) Write a book ( Doesn't have to get published, just read by someone... anyone?)
7) Go to America (Preferably Texas or Boston)
8) Win a game of poker in Las Vegas (Yeah i can play... just not that well)
9) Get over my fear of heights
10) Draw a comic book (Seems like something fun to do)

So there you have it my first 10 of my bucket list, leave you thoughts and opinions below.